Sing To My Soul

A few months ago, my friend Clark asked me if I had been listening to any cool music lately. I was embarrassed to say that I had nothing to report. I couldn’t think of one thing I had listened to besides the Beatles, which, despite being classically cool, is kind of a cop-out, BUT IT WAS THE TRUTH! I was covered in the shame of not living up to my personal hiplady standards. Gross.

So, I’ve decided to do an ongoing blog entry on songs and artists that sing to my soul, because I HAVE been listening to great music and I want to share!

What do you think I should title the entries? Sing to my Soul? SoulSongs? SongSoul? Do all these ideas cause pain in your frontal lobe? Neat. Share.

Also, I apologize in advance for the lame YouTube videos that might accompany my SoulSongs/SongSouls/SingtomySoulSongs….

#1 really should have been the Adele song I posted a couple blogs ago, but to keep the integrity of this blog entry I will start over.


Artist: Graham Nash

Album: Songs For Beginners

Song: Simple Man

Lyric I Love: “…I just want to hold you, I don’t want to hold you down…”

I really could have chosen any song on the album, because it’s one of those annoying “perfect album’s”, but ENJOY!


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