Global Gathering

This is way past due.

Unfortunately, life happened to me and disrupted all that was my blogging lifestyle. I promise to make up for my absence with cool posts filled pretty pictures and interesting things.

Okay. Since when do financial magazines have better fashion editorials than Vogue and Marie Claire?

If you’re anything like me, the last time you picked up a Financial Times newspaper was to either assist you in the BS-ing of an annoying high school paper OR as the most accessible way to wipe off the coffee you just spilled all over your arm.       Many of us wouldn’t normally be inclined to associate stunning photography and captivating articles with this international business newspaper, but I just discovered that somewhere along the black and white lines of business world, a star was born.

Let me introduce you to the magazine, Financial Times: How To Spend It

It would be in your best interest to immediately add this to your “cool websites that silverdollarday told me about” folder:

Feast your eyes on this party people:


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