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Years ago, my boyfriend asked me who my style icon was. That truly is an unfair question. There are so many brilliantly dressed human beings in the world and I love far too many styles to choose just one as a favorite. I think that it is fair to say that hundreds, if not thousands of people have been my style icon for 30-seconds as I run across their picture on the SARTORIALIST or WHOWHATWEAR or on JAK & JIL BLOG or even as I see them walking around my school. When it comes to my own personal style I am all over the place because I am inspired on the daily by new things and new people. I’m pretty sure that my style evolves on an hourly basis and I’m okay with that.  I want to feel a freedom when I get dressed to look however I want to. If that means referencing the fall 2009 Sonia Rykiel line, or mimicking a look by my sweet Glamouri, or wearing an outrageous scarf bow on my head, I want to do it without worrying about whether it fits into some ultra-specific Michele-style category. Be free little bird.

That being said, there are some fabulous men and ladies who’s style and essence I am consistently enamored by.

Sienna Miller, is definitely on my list. Although many fashion bloggers would label her as bohemian chic, I feel as though she could wear a whole host of other styles. Miss.Miller never lets the clothes wear her, she owns every look whether it be casual or evening wear.


The reason why I brought her up specifically is because I was very impressed by herTwenty8Twelve collection for Fall2011. The collection was filled with alot of darker neutrals, but she threw in prints and color to give it some depth. The silhouettes were loose and loungy. The collection doesn’t appear to have any cohesive theme, but each look is so completely wearable that it really didn’t matter to me.

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While still on the subject of style icons, I must mention another female that makes my list ( Don’t worry boys, I haven’t forgotten you)

Over the past two years this lady has stolen our fashion-loving hearts.

Alexa Chung, model, British tv host, contributing editor to British Vogue and rising style star

Her style is so intelligent and likable. She takes risks and manages to stay completely classy. Her taste in quirky menswear is incredibly charming and no one can wear a 50s silhouette quite like she can. She is known for bringing back a “geek” look in the coolest way possible. There was a period of time where I literally saw pictures of her everyday floating along the blogoshpere. I’m sure she will continue to be a front runner in street style and remain a trend-setter amongst fashionistas everywhere. I can’t wait to see what “un”cool trend she turns on its head this year!

AND, how perfect was her MADEWELL campaign ???

Too perfect, if you ask me!

click HERE to see the latest campaign or visit MADEWELL.COM to see how Miss Chung is taking over the world.


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