Mr.Porter finally decided to show up.

Have you heard the incredible news?? NET-A-PORTER, the love child of high fashion and shopping has created a Mens clothing and accessories site. It’s too cool for words!

I was so excited to show my man because the styling of the web campaign was pretty darn good. The site looks so clean and approachable and I’m really happy that the world is creating more inspiration options for the young, hip, and classy bros.

IF you click on STYLE DIRECTORY and then STYLE ICONS, you can see where the site gets alot if its inspiration.

You can’t go wrong if names like, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, and Christobal Balenciaga make the short list.

GO CHECK IT OUT! You’ll have beautiful menswear coming out of your ears, and there is nothing more awesome that I’d prefer to be coming out of my ears.


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